Year: 2019

Brief: To redesign a book of your choice by illustrating the title using only Adobe Illustrator.

Book chosen: Annihilation

Synopsis: The premise revolves around Lena, a biologist, and former soldier, who joins a mission to uncover what happened to her husband inside Area X - a sinister and mysterious phenomenon that is expanding across the American coastline. Once inside, the expedition discovers a world of mutated landscapes and creatures, as dangerous as it is beautiful, that threaten both their lives and their sanity.                                                                                                        
Keywords: Nature, Mutation, Mystery, Science Fiction 

Concept: I started with keywords associated with the book and looked at the type of natural elements in the world. I tried to cover all the categories of the environment - fungi, plants, birds, insects, and reptiles.

Approach: I begin with block colours and then used TIFF textures to layer on top of it to add depth and tactility. (see bottom for comparison) To add mystery and contrast, I made the colour of the background black.